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And now..

we are ready to move on from Vietnam. We feel fortunate to have had the past few days in Sapa, as the few days prior were a test of our patience. this country is much too small for its 81 million people and 2.2 billion motorbikes. you cannot walk in a straight line in Hanoi, you cannot have a moment to yourself to take in the scenery without someone saying "buy from me!!!" "motorbike" "I have hotel for you!!!" "buy from me!!again!" The car and motorbike horns of Hanoi are like that buzz you get in your ear as you try to fall asleep after a loud rock concert. Your head gets satiated with so much noise that it needs time to release it. We were able to release our heads in Sapa, for sure, and now lazy Laos is just a 20 hour bus ride on the horizon.

Bigger country, 75 million less people.

Yes, that did say 20 hours.

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