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Kings Beach at Caloundra

Ken gets off the boat to check out the soldier crabs


Look carefully and you may be able to spot the crabs

There's one!!

Cruising up the passage alongside Bribie Island


Over to the other side of the island to the gorgeous beach














Views across to the Glasshouse mountains on the way back


Our guide, Charlie, leading us across the island

Laurie and Steve had given Ken a voucher for a cruise at Christmas time. We had been dying to go and use it but because the weather has been so bad we have not been able to. Finally, last Wednesday, we booked in and what a fabulous morning we had. The weather really decided to turn it on for us with a gorgeous sunny day with very little breeze – perfect for being on the water. We drove down to Caloundra (about a 10 minute drive south), enjoyed a nice coffee by the water then headed down to the jetty to find our boat. Upon arrival we found we were the only ones booked in so had the boat and our tour guide all to ourselves.

First he took us towards Kings Beach in Caloundra then turned around and headed towards Bribie Island (a sand island just off the mainland) and the stretch of water between the Island and the mainland called the Pumicestone passage. There are people living on the southern third of the island but the other 2 thirds is classified as national park. At the very northern tip of the island our guide pointed out to us where the sand seemed to be moving. He brought the boat in so we could hop off and explore what turned out to be hundreds and hundreds of tiny soldier crabs. It was so cool – as we moved towards them they just moved in a wave away from us so trying to get a decent photo was a real challenge.

Back on the boat we moved further up the passage whilst our guide told us a bit about the history of the area. Further down the island he asked us if we would like to do a beach walk to which we readily agreed. I thought he meant we would be walking on the side of the island we were currently cruising along but once off the boat he led us through the bush to the other side of the island (only about 80 metres) and there was the most beautiful beach we had seen in a long time. It was just gorgeous – and we had it all to ourselves! We so enjoyed this walk made even more enjoyable I think firstly by the magnificent weather and secondly by the fact that there was no one else on the beach. Whilst the Sunshine Coast has some lovely beaches they are always very heavily populated which takes away some of the magic. It was only a short walk but one we thoroughly enjoyed. Our guide was there to meet us further up the beach and then led us over to the other side of the island again where our boast was waiting for us. Back on board again we cruised further up the passage spotting the different types of birdlife that this area is so important for. Between 10,000 and 15,000 migratory waterbirds visit this area every summer and the surrounding wetlands are essential for their survival. When they leave they will fly thousands of kilometres to Alaska, China and Siberia. It feels like such a privilege to be able to view some of these birds and to know of the epic flight they have ahead of them in a month or two.

Eventually it was time to head back to the jetty after a wonderful 2 and ½ hours on the water. We would definitely recommend this trip as a lovely way to spend a morning. Big thanks to Laurie and Steve for the gift of this outing.

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