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Barn Swallow

Driving to Fort Davis from El Paso mostly on the interstate until we had to go what looked like cross country by the narrow roads we were taking the RV down at one time we in the middle of the road for near on 20 miles it was SO NARROW luclily hardly any traffic around. We went through border control on the way asked for our passports thzats a first.

We are staying on a ranch where there are loads of log cabins it was quite busy at the weekend as it was Labour Day here on the Monday, it is now Monday night and besides one other couple we are the only ones here, it is lovely and peaceful sitting outside in the evening watching the wildlife.Went for a walk tonight and saw a snake not TOO big and not a Rattle Snake thank goodness.

There are just loads of crickets everywhere size and colours various. We have Barn Swallows here in the nest they have been photographed loads,saw a Red Cardinal tonight as well. I am sitting here in the lounge been watched by deer outside, it is now dark and I have to walk back to the campsite just as well it is NOT a mountain lion as they are in the area as well.

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