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Shrimp boats in Waveland, MS. They sure have them crowded in together!

What to do with hurricane damaged trees... Biloxi, MS.

Still cleaning up damaged homes along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Mississippi Gulf Coast

It is 55 degrees on the beach but that didn't slow down...

Blayde simply wanted to rest on the beach wall and soak up...

"Read this book to me Mommy!"

"Can we play ball now since I was a good traveling boy...

We enjoyed a very lovely drive through the remainder of Louisiana and into Mississippi today. As soon as we entered Mississippi (at Exit 2) we dropped down off of I-10 to the scenic route that runs along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Although Hurricane Katrina happened way back on August 29 of 2005, we could still see the effects of the devastating hurricane even now in December of 2008. As we drove along we saw wind-cleared lots where nothing was left of the storm ravaged house but the driveway, stilts and concrete stairs. While most of the home lots had been cleared of loose rubble we did see storm damaged houses still being cleared and new construction around nearly every corner. We also saw the skeletons of many old oak trees that had been stripped of all but their main branches. We found it inspiring that many of the damaged trees along the coast were being turned into works of art by wood carving artists. Talk about “turning lemons into lemonade”! Some of the artwork had even been given a bit of holiday cheer!

Willis and Blayde braved some time on the beach even though it was only 55 degrees and windy. The sand did look white and invitingly soft; however, upon sticking my head out of the RV I quickly withdrew back and decided to take pleasure in the beauty of the Gulf while remaining in warmth of Clyde!

After restocking supplies at WalMart, we have stopped for the night in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, and will continue our trek along the Gulf tomorrow. Blayde was ever so glad to stop for the evening so he could have some “Mommy” play time. Willie bought me the book “Marley and Me” this evening and Blayde seems very interested in it… I think he knows it is about a dog with a lot of personality just like him!

Happy Travels,


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