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Why is it called Pancake Rocks then ?

Rock faces in the wind ?

In between showers at the Pancake Rocks

The blowhole not blowing

The pancaking happens through a layering and weathering process

Known as stylobedding

We drove on south to the Pancake Rocks which have a blowhole which "blows" at high tide - we had mis-timed it so after a few photos we left heading towards Greymouth where we intended to stay the night. We turned onto a side road just before Greymouth to find a wild camping site and spotting a track leading down to a river we though that looks OK, off the road and nice views, etc. HOWEVER faced with mud ahead we tried to reverse back up the track and couldn't - wheelspinning on the shingle - we were stuck. Not sure what to do we flagged down the first car that went past, a goldminer called Hippo.

He snatched the keys off us, said "I know this b****** country like the back of my hand", got into the campervan, drove onto the mud, span it round and then shot back up the hill onto the road. Now if there is anyone who can get you out of a situation where you are stuck in mud, then it will be someone called Hippo. He then took us to a really good wild camping spot and we gave him a couple of bottles of Harrington's stout to say thanks. Turns out he actually went to school with Harrington and loves his beer. Firm believers in travellers karma now (giving the hitchers a lift in the rain earlier in the day) we made tea and went to bed. Still solid.

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