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Biosphere 2

The Out buildings

The Ocean and Coral Reef

The rain forest

Spending a day at BioSphere 2 just north of Tucson was an interesting day. The Biosphere sits on 3.5 acres and is all under glass. It is a science experiment designed to see how the earth works with the interactions with humans, farming, technology and changes in weather. It has 5 distinct areas including a desert, the ocean, a rain forest and grasslands. In the "lungs" of the BioSphere which is all underground, they have the capacity to create rain, wind, and heat. In 1991-1993 4 men and 4 women were sealed in the structure to see how they interacted with the environment. They grew their own food (83%) and constantly monitored the 5 systems. During that experiment, it also housed different kinds of animals, bugs, and birds that we find on earth. However, due to the UV protection between the 2 pieces of heavy glass enclosing the structure, many of them did not live. There is much debate about whether the experiment was successful but they did learn that small, closed ecosystems are complex and vulnerable to unplanned events. The Complex is now used for many different kinds of experiments from scientists all over the world as this is a one of a kind structure. While we enjoyed the tour we came away feeling that no matter how hard they try to create the earth's surface, it is not being done there as it doesn't include the animals, bees, bugs, reptiles, birds and many other parts of the earth of the ecosystem which is also called the BioSphere.

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