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We had now completed our summer tour so we spent the next six weeks doing the usual rounds of family visits, dental and optician appointments and getting the annual maintenance and service work done on the coach and car.

We had fun with our two granddaughters Didi and Evie both growing fast. Didi is now eight and is starting to become a young lady. Evie is now 17 months old and into everything. Life is just one big adventure.

Martin and Sarah told us that we will be grandparents for the third time with the new baby (their first) due in early April. We have now strict instructions to be back in England from our winter adventures in March to welcome the new arrival.

Heather’s Mum continues to keep well but is getting frailer and not walking very well. At 89 years old she is doing very well and still living on her own.

For the winter we have decided to head south into southern France and then make our way along the coast into Spain. Not making any real forward plans as him upstairs just laughs at them!

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