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Road to Whittier.

Portage Lake.

Beginning of lake cruise.

Waterfall from one glacier

Portage Glacier.

A little closer

A lot closer with tourist.

Up close.


Close and personal.

Couldn't resist being a tourist.

One of the fallen off pieces.

Another glacier across the lake.

Another view of the lake.

Small tunnel to the Big tunnel.

Waiting in line at the tunnel for in going traffic.

Metered just like the freeway in Phx.

Tunnel entrance.

No trains (I Hope).


2 miles later - there was a light at the end of...


Prince William Sound.

Water from the glacier. (It is the backside of pic # 13)

Downtown Whitter.

Art in downtown Whitter.

The Harbor.

Looking for the light at the other end of the tunnel going...

Portage Valley RV park.

Our site.

Owners home and 1 hour ago, a bear.

We only drove about 30 miles and stopped at Portage Valley RV park. It is just outside of Whittier and we are only staying one night.

We went over to Portage Lake and took a one hour boat ride over to Portage Glacier. It was fun to see a glacier up close. A park ranger gave the history of the area and how glaciers are important to the environment. The name of Portage comes from it being the only way into Whitter over the frozen lake in the winter. That was before the road and tunnel.

After the tour we headed to the Anton Anderson Tunnel into Whittier. The Alasken Railroad and passenger vehicles take turns using the tunnel. It allows 15 minute alternating directional use every half hour...except during scheduled trains. Vehicles must wait in a area until it's your turn. It is 2 miles long, speed limit is 25 mpg, headlights are to be on and your are not to hit your brakes. It's a little spooky. When we returned we were the only car. You hope you didn't make a mistake and go when you weren't suppose to. Check out the pictures. There is a fee.. cars are $12.00 round trip and it goes up to $35.00 is your over 28ft and towing or pulling a boat or trailer.

Whittier is a harbor town with some small gifts shops and cafe's. The ecomomy of Whittier rest largely on the fishing industry, the port and tourism. There is a 14 story condominium that houses more than half the population. At one time it was used by the US Army.

A little excitement this evening when we got back to our motorhome. We heard a gunshot. Turns out that the owner of the park was doing laundry in her home about 100 yds from the RV's and a bear came wondering into her home. The gunshot scared it away. The owners homesteaded this property and I'm sure they have seen many bears. I'm staying in tonight!

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