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A house in West Stour

Narrow counry lanes

The English countryside

Wonderful colous

The line through the crop is the public walking right of way

A long drive today. Our destination Taunton. We take the A272 to Petersfield. We pass through a small village called Midhurst – looked lovely but absolutely crowded – being Sunday and on a four-day weekend.

Through Winchester, then Salisbury and towards Yeovil and eventually Wellington (just out of Taunton). We don’t actually go into a lot of these villages or cities but skirt them where possible.

The roads quite crowded with lots of coupes and sports cars. All the small villages quite full with few car parks available so we rarely stop.

We also notice that there is very little rubbish, the villages are very clean and there is no graffiti.

We take a break (a beer and coffee) in a small pub in West Stour. Lunch is on the road, usually parked in a farmer’s gate. Although we have had lovely sunny days the wind has been quite strong and a little chilly – in which case we sit in the rear passenger seats of Pierre and use the tray tables in the back of the front seats – quite roomy, which is why I chose this particular vehicle.

Our accommodation in the Beamsbridge Inn.

The reason for our hurried trip yesterday and today is that we are meeting Martin and Suzanne Betts tomorrow – they have just arrived from Australia.

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