We drove about 15 miles north of Coos Bay to kayak 10 Mile Lake. The sheriff met us and informed us we had to have the kayaks inspected for mollusks before launching and that we had to obtain a special license. After completing a page of paperwork and a kayak inspection we decided it would be better to change our destination to a quieter lake. Guns and sheriffs make us nervous-and besides, it was foggy and the start of a huge bass fishing tourney there. We envisioned being caught in the cross hairs of bass boats charging to their fishing holes. So we were off to Eel Lake a couple of miles away. Eel Lake is a scenic freshwater lake offering a calm quiet but beautiful paddle. There were areas of giant pond Lilies filled with yellow flowers. One could close their eyes and hear no sounds except birds and the almost silent lapping of water against the boat. It was also a gorgeous sunny day with a refreshing cool he breeze. The lake is about 3 miles in length by a quarter mile in width. It is u-shaped and prized for its fishing-rainbow trout, croppie, and large mouth bass. The banks were heavily forested and clumps of azalea bushes with pink flowers punctuated the green.We spotted two ospreys and were treated to a flying expedition by a bald eagle just a 100 feet away as he circled majestically and plunged to retrieve a trout. He repeated the act three times but did not retrieve the fish. We were puzzled greatly but then we found out the trout was already dead-a testament to the eagle's intelligence. It was a relaxing morning of observing nature's beauty and tranquility. We finished about 11;30 and spent the rest of the day preparing for our departure in the morning. We had our departure dinner at the Blue Heron German Restaurant. We really enjoyed the bratwurst,knock wurst and sauerbraten. The end of a perfect week.

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