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One of the locals out sunning himself

and here is another one

Ken, Paul and Loreto check out the giant tortoise

Paul and Loreto say hi to the koala

He is a little bit camera shy

Ken, Loreto and Paul waiting for the show at Australia Zoo


The crocodiles are REALLY big here




Paul and Loreto

Ken, Loreto and Paul



Thirsty work

Feed me, feed me!!!

Feeding the elephants - SO COOL!!!

Loreto and friend

Paul and friend

Wombat goes for his daily exercise

Time to hitch a ride home



Loreto and Laurie

Out for a night out

Trisha and Paul

Laurie, Steve, Ken, Sheena, Trisha, Paul and Loreto

Laurie and Steve


Ken and Paul kick up their heels on the dance floor

Ken, Loreto and Paul - day out in the Hinterlands

It was a long walk down but well worth the effort

A free loader at the picnic

Our climb up Mount Ngungun

Ken - not impressed about climbing up!!!


Views from the top was well worth the climb




Feels like you are on top of the world



Can you believe it - February already?? So what have we been up to? Well let me think......

January was a busy month work wise. After some time off over Christmas Ken went back to his job at the caravan park and I went back to school. Both of us found (and still find) it really hard dealing with the humidity. As Ken works outside all day he really feels it - he finds that within 10 minutes of starting work he is soaking with sweat. It really really drains you. The job in the park is OK - nothing too exciting but at least it is a job.

As the school is not air conditioned I also found the heat and humidity hard to deal with and because I was doing a lot of lifting and sorting I too couldn't wait to hit the shower once I got home. I have spent weeks and weeks sorting out filing, storage and general clean up of the admin building and I must admit did not enjoy it. I worked really hard and the results are great but it has put me off working in the school. I think I am just so over schools and having to sort out every one else's mess! SO ... when the people in the caravan park offered me a job in the office here I jumped at it. Have put in my notice with the school and am looking forward to a week off before starting the new job in March.

One weekend in January we decided to explore the Glass House Mountains and had a great day where we climbed Mount Ngungun. It was a hard climb (especially because of how unfit we have both become) but the view once we got to the top was amazing. Would love to do more but will wait until the weather cools down a bit.

Our house sit also came to an end which was sad in one way (so nice to have a house to live in for a while) but OK too as it is nice to be back in the caravan. We are currently staying in the same park Ken is working in so at least he doesn't have far to go for work. It is in a really good position too as we are a 5 minute walk from the beach. We are on the lookout for another house sit though so keep your fingers crossed for us.

January also brought us some visitors from home - my brother Paul and sister in law Loreto came over for a week's holiday. It was great seeing them again after all this time and we really enjoyed hanging out with them. Whilst they were here we took them up into the hinterlands for a day's drive, played tennis with Laurie, Steve and Trisha and spent a really great day exploring Australia Zoo. The highlight of this day (for me anyway) was the opportunity to feed the elephants. It was SO cool and because they were not very busy I lined up again and again and again. I just loved it!

January has also been a very difficult month to be away from Perth as my best friend Jackie has not been well and my father in law (ie: Brett's dad) is also having some pretty big health problems. It is at times like this that you really want to be there for them and I have found it really hard being so far away. It is for this reason that I have decided to spend my week off back in Perth. I feel so much better knowing that I am going over soon and just can't wait to spend as much time as I can with Jackie - she is one special lady. And now, just to top it off - we received a phone call today from Brittany to say she is in hospital waiting to have her appendix removed. Poor thing was in so much pain last night and finally went to the emergency ward where they confirmed what the problem was. Waiting to hear more news.....

We have also started dancing again. Found a group about 5 minutes away where we are doing jive at the moment on Sunday nights and are hoping to start Lindy Hop (Swing) on Tuesday nights. Great bunch of people and we are just loving to be dancing again.

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