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(Ron Writing) The past couple days I've been having trouble with outgoing email messages. Some will go out but most will not. I spent about 3 hours on the phone today with various tech support people trying to troubleshoot this problem. It still isn't resolved but our ISP, verizon, claims it may be happening because we are outside of a verizon coverage area and are connected to another company's cell system.

Elena made some delicious omelets from the fresh homemade sausage we purchased at St. Mary's church yesterday. I think the guy that has the secret sausage-spice recipe could make a mint if he'd market it!

After lunch we left Brownfield, TX and continued heading west on Hwy 380. We left Texas and arrived in Roswell, NM late this afternoon. The weather was great again today but the drive got a little boring. Mile after mile of ranch land. The few small towns we drove through looked pretty bleak. Many businesses were boarded-up, dilapidated houses, very few cars or people around town. The ranches must be huge. We sometimes drove for miles seeing the name of the same ranch on the gates along the road.

Elena found another Wal Mart that carries ground bison meat and we had Buffalo burgers for dinner tonight. Those along with her homemade coleslaw made a delicious dinner.

We are parked at the Sam's Club for the night. We are watching for space aliens but so far we've seen nothing suspicious!

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