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a typical view in the cameron highlands

james a a king grasshopper

with a whip snake

at the honey bee farm

just a few pit vipers!

a flutterbye

me with the weird leaf thing!

put me down!!!

oh my GOD!

he's a little cutie!



We have arrived in the Cameron Highlands for a welcome break from the heat of Malaysia. The temp feels just like a warm summers day in England, its great not to be sweating!

The English turned this area into the tea production capital and there are loads of plantations around. They also grow loads of fruit and vegatables up here too, we went to a strawberry farm yesterday and picked some lovely ones. You can even get a scone with strawberries and cream, its great, and of course you get a fantastic cuppa, sommat James has jumped upon. I think we were here about 2 hours and James was on his 4th cup! When in Rome and all that!

Today we visited a honey bee farm and a butterfly garden and we had a fantasic experiance there.

We were in the butterfly garden, which also housed snakes, lizards, turtles, infact quite a strange assortment of animals really. Anyway we were there and I over heard a guy saying that he never had a scorpian on his head before! I was like 'what is he talking about' so I went to ask one of the guys that works there and he preceded to take us round all the animals, letting us hold whatever we wanted! We got to hold snakes and lizards. I picked up a huge 3ft turtle and nearly broke mi back it was so heavy! We also got to hold a huge grass hopper and a weird leaf looking thing. But finally we got round to the scorpian tank!

They were not small either and I rapidly changed mi mind about holding one but James and Chris would not let me get away and after a 15min performance I finally let the guy put the thing on mi shoulder! James and Chris both flatly refused to hold it might I add! I was petrified!!! They were all saying 'smile for the camera!' As if I was shaking, then it stared to crawl down around mi neck on my bare skin, that was it! "Get it off" was all I could say!

By this time there were about 10 people around us and now that it was off I felt pretty good, I had held a scorpian how cool!!! not that I'm in a hurry to do it again though! Once I had done it, other people held it aswell, even James and Chris after a bit of persuasion! I can say that it will stay with me for a long time, and all this in a dodgy little butterfly garden that cost 50p to get in! Wicked!

After that we were heading into the jungle for a trek back to our hostel but it started to rain heavy and after half an hour, and dripping wet we abandoned the walk and got a taxi back instead!

We are going to go to a tea planation tomoz which should be good but for now we are waiting out the rain and warming up with another cuppa!

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