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Acapulco. Many people hate it but we liked it.

Another tropical rivermouth, this one is in the state of Oaxaca.

Marc heading out to a perfect little right point break. Sorry, we...

Looking south from the hills above Acapulco.

The beaches in Oaxaca are beautiful. This is one of the few...

Loma Bonita- Marc actually spent a week living like a native here...

Traffic Jam Oaxaca style! I'll take this over the 5 fwy any...

The beach at Puerto Escondido's famous Zicatela beach.

The Mexican Pipeline- Puerto Escondido.

Marc on a small one.

Mexpipe- doing it's thing!

Marc got caught behind this one at Puerto.

Now we are getting pretty far from home. People were amazed that we made it as far as Puerto Vallarta in our own vehicle, and now we are at least three days (probably more) of solid driving south from there. The air is getting hotter, the prices are cheaper, and we are becoming more fascinated by Mexico every day.

Every surfer dreams of surfing the big waves of Puerto Escondido and now we are finally here. We have found a nice hotel at the beach and with a pool for $10/night! The food is good, and the town has a lot to offer. There are many other tourists here, so we fit right in.

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