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We set sail for Koblenz this a.m. Crossing the most beautiful part of the Rhine with the river much wider than it has been and with castles lining the banks and the hills above. While cruising a local glassblower came aboard and gave an awesome demonstration of glass blowing. Glass blowing has been in has family for generations and he - at Chihoulys request, flies to Seattle and teaches for him for some months each year. We of course were able to purchase and he would engrave anything you wanted on your items while you waited. We bought some very cool napkin rings which also double for shot glasses and a really beautiful ornament for our collection.. This was really great because so far we have yet to find an ornament with either the town or date printed on it (one of our requirements to help with remembering). We had a Bavarian lunch onboard. This meant ham, bratwurst, suckling pig, Weisswurst, saurkraut and all of my other favorites. They did have fresh pretzels though! We just docked in Koblenz and will be heading out shortly for a walking tour of the town. Koblenz is a bigger town than the towns we have been in the past few days, but the old town part is still pretty easy to navigate. Koblenz has statues around town that they call the unknown famous statues. One is called Peppermint Patty and is a lady who always handed out peppermint to the children. Another is a little boy who is a bit of a naughty boy and spits water at people as they walk by. There is also a clock in town with a face of a man who was hanged many years ago. His eyes go back and forth showing that he is rolling his eyes at the hangman and every half hour he sticks his tongue out. Koblenz is pretty much a new town as it was almost completely destroyed during WWII. We walked through the markets - there are 4 here with even nicer places to sit, drink Gluwein and warm up, Wlil be going into town again today and take pictures. We overnight in Koblenz and will be here until 3 when we sail for Cologne. We were about to head to town this a.m., but the sky opened up (thankfully before we left) so are waiting for it to clear a bit before heading in.

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