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Ulriksdal Palace

The chapel for the castle, note the sunshine

Cyclamens ready for selling, I guess many willl feature in windows during...

The fish ladder

Explanation of the fish ladder with a very fierce looking loach


Today is Election Day in Sweden and many people are worried by the rise of the far right party - the Swedish Democrats and I noticed an article in The Age in which they were referred to as a Neo-Nazi party. I went with Lars and Kristina who had previously been sent their authority to vote in the mail, then they must show I.D. As well.

Unlike our elections there were no how to vote cards being handed out outside; instead inside was a stand holding the voting directions for many candidates for the three levels of government and so people could select but most seeming to choose more than one slip at each level so their intentions were not obvious. I asked if I could take a photo but the supervisor was uncertain but thought it probably was not allowed.

Alex arrived while we were having lunch and then we all headed to another royal park where again many were enjoying the sun. The area contains an old palace and the church associated with the palace as well as many old buildings but there is much green space , some manicured, some more wild and at one end is a very large garden centre, with many people buying from the huge range. As well as indoor and outdoor plants, bulbs were prominent and many other garden accessories. We had enjoyed coffee in the gardens and strolled back to the car via the lake and noticed the fish ladder as we crossed a bridge.

Home to prepare an easy meal as Laila and Per would join us as a farewell before they leave tomorrow for Denver with 4 days on the way in Iceland. All very anxious for the first counting of elections which closed at 8 pm but I gave up and went to bed with no clear indication as to the outcome.

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