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zig zag where we "jumped" the Equator

equator crossing ceremony

equator crossing ceremony

When we flew to Fiji from home, we left on March 23 and landed on March 25. Our electronic devices seemed to adjust to this easily as soon as we connected with the wi fi in our hotel room. To recapture the lost 24 hours going the other direction, we have had two May 1’s. This has been problematic for our laptops, iPads, and phones and the ship’s calendars as well. For a long time the Royal Caribbean website had us ending the cruise in Seattle on the wrong day. Events and activities that were scheduled ahead of time on the RCL website also display on the wrong days on the electronic calendar on our TV here. Even the casino has problems. They have to shut down the slot machines at 11pm on the first May 1 and reboot them on the second May 1.

We are crossing the International Dateline abut the same time as we are crossing the equator. For a brief period of time we will be able to see the Southern Cross and the North Star at the same time. There’s an astronomer on board who is giving enrichment lectures and he is doing cartwheels about this unusual opportunity. I try to be interested, but to me they are all just stars, pinpricks of light more easily seen so far from the lights of civilization.

We have been warned repeatedly that satellite service in this unpopulated part of the ocean is poor and we will lose both live TV and wi fi. So far the internet has been sketchy at times, but overall the service has improved exponentially since we first started expecting to be connected on cruises. We used to spend too much of our precious time on land, sitting in internet cafes, trying to stay in contact with life at home. Here we have subscribed to one internet package and Ken’s FileHub gizmo distributes the signal to us both. No more negotiating and sharing.

Some people dread days at sea. They better not be on this cruise. We have six before we get to Hawaii and five more when we leave and finish the sail in Seattle. As retirees we generally spend our days as we wish, but here where someone else is cooking for us, driving the ship, cleaning our cabin, our relaxation levels are even higher. Our biggest dilemma seems to be deciding how many of the enrichment lectures we will attend. There are few things more enjoyable than sitting on our balcony, watching the sea going by, listening to a podcast. Time to go do just that.

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