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Crossing to hotel in Todra Valley

Old Ait Benhaddou

I think we're just past halfway through our Morocco tour. Our fellow travelers are proving to be relaxed and tolerant. Driving days are manageable. Hotels are secure, reasonably clean, and with hot water more often than not.

I am a bit uncertain about food. Moroccan food is not terribly interesting. Tagene features overcooked vegetables. "Cooked salads" are over-steamed vegetables that are to me virtually flavorless. Our standard bread is grainy and under-salted. Breakfast invariably means carbs and eggs, lots of carbs.

On the other hand, chicken is tender and flavorful. Brochettes (stuff on skewers) are tasty. Fries can be quite good. Tangerines and other fruits are fabulous. Coffee is decent and ready available from hotel breakfasts to roadside espresso shops.

French is an informal second language. I find myself using my tourist French combined with the exactly two Arabic words I know (hello and thanks).

Our leader provides relevant comments as we drive, covering subjects as diverse as women's rights to current politics.

Tomorrow we head into the High Atlas Mountains. This is the part I've been looking forward to most.

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