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Lovely statues

Unique drainage system Kunsthofpassage


Sunday market near us

Sunday market


Greetings from lovely Dresden where we have just spent 3 interesting days, and are now en route to Wurzburg via a few hours in Leipzig.

Although severely bombed towards the end of WW11 the buildings have been extensively restored or rebuilt along the original plans. It’s the fourth largest city in Germany with a regional population of about

1 million. Also one of the greenest cities in Europe with about 68% green cover. It's on the banks of the Elbe River which separates the “new town” or right bank where we stayed from the “old town” or left bank.

Our apartment was very comfortable and in a great location but being on a main Street had to close windows and use earplugs to get a decent sleep.

The stone used in many of its buildings blackens over time.

Vladimir Putin was stationed here by the KGB for about 5 years before reunification.

There is a fabulous 360 degree view from the top of the stunning Frauenkirche where the viewing platform is 67.06 metres. Inside the church proper is very interesting - light, no bleeding figures, and lots of angled balconies, the lower ones with closed windows. I will post a photo.

Again lots of construction happening, I think still rebuilding after the war and the neglect/mistakes of the old GDR or East German government.

On the left bank was a series of passageways called Kunsthofpassage with lovely alternative shops, unusual architecture.

Another interesting building is the old cigarette factory, Yenidze, built by its Jewish owner in the style of a mosque. Now houses offices. Speaking of which I remain amazed at the amount of smoking in Germany - we are always searching for a table away from smokers - there appears to be no “no smoking” areas. And anytime of the day seems to be the time to drink a beer - carried around the street by all ages. And lots of it on trains no matter the time of day. A very respectable looking older man sitting waiting for his train with his beer at the railway station before 9am this morning.

Yesterday we went to a 360 degree panorama of Baroque Dresden in an old disused Gasworks. It was massive and so realistic. It showed the city in olden days, with people, animals, even fires and fireworks. It changed from day to night and back again, birds chirping in the morning. Amazing!

Would really recommend a visit to this city.

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