John and Janet 2016 Utah travel blog

Peggy Rides

Kids At Work


Everyone Likes This Chair

We are still in Sunbury. We think that our check engine light is no more than a spark plug problem. We will take the RV to the Dodge Dealership on Monday. Today, we are free.

John H. cooks breakfast for seven. The grandkids had a sleepover. It is wonderful. We keep telling John and Peggy that this is a great RV Park!

After breakfast, John and I work on his computer. I think we have solved a lot of problems. Movie Maker is again working.

We are ready for a break. John and John go fishing. I scrap the rest of the stickers off our RV map. We have new stickers to put up that are not faded and pealing!

I take videos of Peggy riding. She has been taking lessons and wants to study the videos.

I work on John’s old computer. Files need to be backed up.

It is time for another break. John and I go for a ride on the motorcycle.

This evening, we are grilling chicken. This really is a great RV Park!

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