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Hot Air Balloon launching in the desert

Rugged mountains and desert shrubs

Orchards in winter mode

Picacho Peak

Rooster Cogburn's Ostrich Farm

Airplane graveyard

Sleeping giants at the base of the hills

Tucson suburbs

Approaching Benson

Overview of the Co-Op Park

Sunset ove Benson

Today we left for Benson but first we topped off our diesel tank, since the prices were lower here in Casa Grande. I love my Gas Buddy phone app where I can check other cities prices.

We saw some hot air balloons lifting off in a field along the way, always a lovely sight. We passed by some orchards in their winter dress (bare), the landmark Picacho Peak with rooster Cogburn’s Ostrich Ranch at its base. We hadn’t noticed before, but today we saw a big wheeled Monster Truck tour bus in their parking lot for riding up on Picacho Peak. Hmmmm, maybe have to try this next time around.

Here's the story of Cogburn's ostrich farm.

We also had a good view of the Airplane Graveyard out in the desert. We passed Tucson, then the turn off for Tombstone and saw the valley stretching ahead. Down there was Benson.

We were coming here to the Escapees Co-Op park where our friends own a lot. There were no full hook up sites available so we took a dry camp site for one night. There were going to be openings tomorrow. After setting up, we had lunch in our coach and visited with Bruce & Susan.

Later we joined the Super Bowl party in the Clubhouse, and then watched the 2nd half in Bruce and Susan’s motorhome.

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