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We turned on the television this morning to check the weather in the Kitty Hawk area on the outer banks of North Carolina. That was going to be our next stop, along with Creswell North Carolina where my father’s family is from. The weather did not look very good because the storm from the Gulf was moving up the east coast so we would have enjoyed more rain and very chilly temperatures at Kitty Hawk. We had a discussion if we should go to Kitty Hawk, or look for somewhere with better weather. It was decided that we needed the better weather, so the motorhome headed west to Charlotte North Carolina, the weather there should be warmer and dry. We departed Wilmington’s wet, chilly, overcast and windy city for more fun in the sun. We drove west on I-74 seeing clear weather on the horizon. As we drove it did clear up and but the time we reached Charlotte the sun was shining, the sky was clear and it was 80 degrees. This is the advantage of traveling in a motorhome, if you don’t like where you are or the weather, pack up and move.

We discovered the Carolina Aviation Museum was located at the Charlotte airport, which would be our destination for the day. The plane that Capt. Scully landed in the Hudson River is there, so it should be interesting to see what other displays they have. We arrived at the KOA at 2:30 pm, the trip to the museum would be 30 minutes and the museum closes at 4:00 pm, just would not be worth the trip. We did go to a restaurant for supper, this is only the second time on the entire trip, returned to the motorhome and sit around the rest of the evening eating ice cream and watching television.

Our plans for morning are we leave the campground to be at the museum at 10:00 am when it opens to view the displays. After that we will point the motorhome north on I-77 heading for Rio Grande Ohio to visit the Bob Evan Farms.

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