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don't mess With Texas

cattle drive on the street

We took two nights in San Antonio. Whew! We really needed the break from driving. We spent all day Saturday in downtown, happened on a cattle drive down Houston street. Damn big longhorns. Pictures to follow. Took the riverboat tour under ideal weather conditions. 75 degrees & plenty of sun. Went to see the Alamo, then took trolley bus ---------- to a shopping center, imagine that! I went to a bar, enjoyed my Dewars & waited for the girls. Went back to the river walk & enjoyed dinner @ a Mad Dog English Pub. girls were in very short kilts, but after asking found out they have pants on under neath. The guys wearing the kilts were "hanging loose". Cindy was teasing one of them and we thought she might get a show lol! After a couple pints I was relaxed and we returned back to Lucy.

Before starting out in the a.m. We had breakfast at the RV shelter, remember we have temps in the 60's and 70's, or did I mention that before.

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