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Well last night, with my nuevos amigos, we went out on the town to celebrate the end of our first week of Spanish classes. Andrew-from Boston, Susan from Birmingham and her daughter Lucy from New Orleans.

We first went to café No Se, which basically means "I don't know".

Upon seeing the place, I didn't know whether or not this was just some cruel joke being played. It was the most dirtiest,disgusting, dumpy dive bar you would ever want to walk into, but the Cuba libres were cheap-So how could anyone say no!

We then continued our celebration at Café sky which has a beautiful terrace overlooking the city on the third floor. The Cuba libres continued to flow and the quesadillas, nachos and guacamole where devine!

We then went to café Rainbow, a local hangout, but lots of tourists with some local musicians and some great music to finish off the evening. We all went our separate ways with the promise of meeting again next week for, as Lucy says, "more fun!"

This morning however, came to quickly after so many celebratory drinks. I got dressed and ready and met the minivan to go to Monterico,Guatamala on the Pacific coast!

Volcan Fuego did not disappoint us today, it erupted twice as we drove past and we've all got great shots of the plume of smoke and ash.

We arrived in Monterico too hotu, humid temperatures, but a fabulous view of the Pacific coast. I quickly found a chair at Johnny's Place with my name on it, put up my feet, ordered a cerveza and enjoyed the view, the sea breeze and the crashing waves on the shore...

FYI--Jim Goldsmith found! He was delayed by a few days and I met him Friday after the San Antonio trip! From Calgary and we had actually met online at Lonely planet's -Thorn Tree Forum--small world!

Happy Saturday

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