Land Between Lakes and Civil War travel blog

There is lots of barge traffic on the lakes.

Just an example of the views

This is a small swimming beach. The water is around 83 degrees...

We got our feet wet here. Very warm water.

A blue heron at Energy lake (a small lake off the lake)

His closeup shot

Landing after flying over the car

Taking off again

I have lots of shots of his flight to the other shore.

The Elk and Bison Prairie. The 3rd elk walked off.

The 2nd elk sat down

This one did lots of posing


Still scratching

This was our 2nd time around the loop

The one lone buffalo seen in the Prairie

The herd we saw for free

Lots of babies

We spent 2 days doing the Ohio River Scenic Byway and 2 days in land between the lakes (lbl) with Fort Donaldson battlefield mixed in. Again it's been really hot so we saved the fort for the only coolish day (high only 86 vs 101). Since we had no wifi I am writing this after the fact and I really don't remember what day we did what.

The scenic drive thru the middle of lbl isn’t so scenic, but the side roads are (warning-stay off the gravel roads). The side roads take you over to the lakes and sometimes along the lake. There are lots of boat landings and there are lots of small no hook-up honor system campgrounds at these locations. Each campground had 2 or 3 campers (no elec and 101 degrees---Hummmmm). While on the side roads we saw a family of turkeys. Mamma and about 8 or 10 babies (really small) scampering along to keep up and chirping(?) the whole time. There are lots of wild turkeys here (they have a hunting season for them we think). We of course also saw lots of deer and many suicidal turtles (the turtles keep crossing the road). There are probably many non-suicidal turtles as well that we just didn't see. Don't worry-all the turtles we saw were still crawling along safe.

At one side stop we saw a blue heron. It was sitting on a dock so still it looked like a statue. When we got out of the car it took off a flew right over the hood of the car. After landing in the water on the other side of the road it took off again and landed further away. I got some great pictures.

There are several things to do here that cost. There is a working 19th century farm with actors-The Homstead, a planetarium with day shows and a different night show, a Nature center which is a sort of zoo with only local species (current and past) and the Elk and Bison Prairie. The only one we did was the Prairie. We saw 1 buffalo and 3 elk and lots of wild turkeys. ($1.25 for each sighting if you don't count the turkeys-we don't). We went late just before sunset as advised but we think they were all hiding from the heat. We never saw elk before so that was cool. They average 800 pounds, very very big.

We did see a herd of buffalo down the road from there which was free.

We went to Fort Donaldson National Battlefield twice. This is where Grant first made a name for himself and became a hero. The 1st day we saw an eagle. It was soaring over the river and came in over us to land on a tree branch right above us. It was a younger bird so still all brown but huge. They are nesting in the battlefield park. There were people parked at one area all with their big lens cameras just waiting to get a picture the 2nd day we were there. We also saw it the 2nd day but too far away for pictures.

So all in all we had a good time at Land Between the Lakes.

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