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Ok, nice bed and room at the Windham all rested and headed out at 8AM for the rest of Montana. Bu Momtana is too darn big to get across in two days, so we are still 150 miles from North Dakota. Will get to Aberdeen SD by tomorrow evening and will visit with Lila and family till Monday morning. two days home from there. Econo Lodge tonight and a very nice room. Pet friendly and we put Poco in his cage in the room and walked to dinner. great Rib eye steak,

Stayed on US 12 all day except for one 50 mile part that was US I-90. Looks like we will stay on I-90 tomorrow as we have heard thet US12 is flooded near the Missouri River and detours are in order. Lola wants to get to Aberdeen tomorrow. Western Montana is Beautiful and as you travel east you run across populated prarie and grain crops, to miles and miles of grazing open range with the only fence next to the highway. Interesting towns, found one where they have a testicle festival every year, We might get back for thst one. I will try to load a few photos tonight.

I have a problem with this new camera and am unable to get photos downloaded, I have a few on my other camera and will try tomorrow night

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