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Ready to hit the road

The lunch spot marker

Picking up


Bob asked politely, how far to the lodge?

A welcome welcome

Evening light








Distorted view out....

...and in.

Ski or snow shoe?



Hawk Owl

Ice on Oderay

Bruce on the "Col de Cream Ale"

Tony would rather drink a cream ale

What happens when Tony drinks too many cream ales

Preparing for the anniversary toast

Sharon and Tony's week early anniversary toast.

The gang (sadly without Dale).

Morning light.







On the way to Opabin














































Back at the lodge





Dale arrives!

The famous fire place


The wine dinner begins












Last day of skiing - Sharon in the tunnel

Tony makes it through

Touring toward McArthur Pass




Time for our annual weekend at Lake O'Hara Lodge to celebrate our anniversary. We had been looking forward to it even more than usual this year because we were staying for an extra night for a special wine tasting dinner. Unfortunately, Dale was sick the week before, hadn't recovered by Friday and the doctor ordered no strenuous exercise until he was significantly better(as much as he tried to convince the doctor otherwise, backcountry skiing does count as strenuous exercise!). So Pam set off, with mixed feelings, accompanied by Barb, Kevin, Bonnie, Bob and Jenny for the ski into the lodge. Sharon and Tony joined us later that day and some of the folks that we've met on the same weekend in past years were also at the lodge. As usual, the company, food and hospitality at the Lodge were excellent and the skiing was amazing, we haven't seen that much snow at Lake O'Hara for a couple of years. We relaxed after the ski in on Friday, skied on Oderay Prospect on Saturday and then had a glorious day on the Opabin Plateau and Glacier on Sunday. Dale was feeling better by Sunday and was able to join us in time for the wine dinner, so we celebrated our anniversary a day late. It was a great meal with some great Okanagan wines and there was no designated driver required, just a stumble up the stairs. Dale rested at the lodge on Monday morning (because of his illness, not too much wine - really!) while a few of us went for a nice tour towards McArthur Pass and then did a couple of fun runs down Shaffer bowl. After lunch we had a nice easy ski down to the car. In the end, it was a another great trip to Lake O'Hara (thanks Bruce)!

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