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The garden of our hostel

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Local speciality drink - Pisco Sour


Roland trying the beef heart skewers


Hi all,

Hope all well your end.

We got to Lima (Peru´s capital) on 24th June and were there for 4 days. Was a bit of a shock to the system after Miami - was about 20 degrees cooler, and just when you were all in the midst of a heatwave for Glastonbury and Wimbledon!

There´s a strange constant greyness to the weather in Lima which saps the spirits a little, but we got to like the city nonetheless. The coast line in Miraflores is actually really pretty but hard to see where the grey sky meets the grey sea! We explored various neighbourhoods (Miraflores, Barranco) and pretty much ate our way around town. They like their food so we were in good company - had some tasty Peruvian favourites like Lomo Saltado (a kind of beef stir fry), ceviche (raw marinated fish - surprisingly delicious) and anticuchos (beef heart skewers - also pretty tasty, but probably a once in a lifetime try!) We also had a fun night out on the pisco sours - a national cocktail with grape brandy and lime juice - and saw a local band (all dry ice and 80s hair) who cranked out some Spanish numbers but also dabbled with some Dire Straits and the like.

The locals in Lima are also massively into their football (in fact, any sport including some rather scary looking female boxing...) so we watched England´s defeat at the hands of those pesky Germans in a really lively local cafe, although slightly depressingly all the locals seemed to support Germany! They obviously knew something we didn´t...

On the 27th we met up with our group - joining an organised tour in Peru and Bolivia for a couple of weeks with a company called Intrepid. There are nine of us in total, a mix of ages and backgrounds (mostly Aussies) and a lovely Peruvian tour leader called Brendali. On our first afternoon we did a walking tour of Lima, so interesting to learn a bit more about the buildings we´d previously seen in central Lima. Also visited the catacombs below the cathedral where 25,000 people were buried a couple of centuries back- a touch eerie but pretty impressive.

Early on 28th, we flew to Puerto Maldonado for an amazing trip to the Amazonian rainforest.

Will do a separate entry for that so it matches with our map plotting, complicated this blog lark!

Back soon


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