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Arrived in Nanning at around 6.30am in the morning. Waited or the platform to clear and met back up again with Angie. Who began by complaining about people talking in the corridor outside her bedroom, needless to say very little sympathy was forthcoming. We went straight to the ticket office to buy tickets for Hanoi and managed to get soft sleepers, thank goodness.

We spent the morning walking around Peoples Park a very picturesque setting in the middle of this busy city. We sat by the large lake there, chilling, killing time and occasionaly getting fourty winks. While in the park we were accosted by loads of chinese famileis and couples to have their photos taken with these weird westerners, or to practice their English. They really think its funny when you reply when they say hello to you. We had a rather uninspiring lunch in a restaurant on the way back to the station, then sat in the VIP waiting room of Nanning station that is reserved for soft sleeper passengers. Train departed on time and we were sharing a 4 ma berth with Katelin and Tory who were two girls from Croydon taking a year out to travel the world. When we settled down in the compartment I realised I had my first mozzy bite of the holiday, hope its not a denge or malaria one. The train stops at Pinxiang at 10.30pm and everyone got off to go through customs and immigration. Back on the train for a further two hours before we are off it again to enter Vietnam at Dong Dang. Had to hand passports in with entry cards, wait 15 minutes for the border guards to then hand them back as people stood in a scrum and they decided whose passport fitted whose face, what a strange way to do it. Then back on the train for the final leg to Hanoi, settled down for the night at 12.45am.

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