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Our boat from the mainland arrives into Kendwa in the north. It is amazing. Ushongo was very beautiful but here there is something absolutely mezmorizing about how green the sea is and how white the sand. Everywhere there are half naked Maasai warriors in red cloths that hilariously speak perfect Italian, we find out that our little hotel is parked right next to an Italian All Inclusive resort. The Italians walk in groups of 30 together along the beach and the Maasai play football still wearing mounds of jewellery and the whole scene is rather surrealistic. After only one night we have run out of money and the lack of bank and lack of English book shop forces us early down to Stone Town. I am craving a place with a good swimming pool and the Tembo Hotel is perfect. We end up staying 3 days just wandering through the tiny narrow streets of the old town, and lots of swimming. We find a dhow driver and ask him to show us how his sail boat works. Its much more complicated than a regular sail boat and tacking involves a complex array of ropes and knots that mean its much easier to drift slowly with the wind in one direction as far as possible until bothering to change tack. Coming off the sail boat we meet a local man proudly wearing a Norway T shirt and he shows us where he lives. The house was owned 150 years ago by a slave owner, where the slaves were smuggled in and out through a tunnel in the basement leading to the ocean. There are many people occupying the house, and on the dungeon-like ground floor, there are a couple of kids who shout "Jambo" to us and are delighted at the sight of their little faces on the screens of our cameras. More kids come and they dance and sing and play and beg us to take more pictures of them dancing and having fun.

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