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This am we trundled down to brekky to be confronted by a queue of people who were extremely angry. It was 8.30, very very muggy and hot. They were due to leave at 9 and there were no seats for them. Well they were so revved up I thought they’d explode. Eventually the waiters set up some tables in a side hall, but then there were no glasses, cups or cutlery. They were livid! They were poms and were saying repeatedly this is shite, this is absolute shite.

Anyway eventually things calmed down but not until they had physically pushed their way past David on one occasion and Kevin on another. Grossly rude and ignorant... Anyway... we were just very zen... whatever... all in good time...

Helen ate her cereal with a fork, I didn’t have any. David shared a spoon with Kevin. It all worked out.

Oh boy... Everyone would need to keep out of those 2 ladies ways for the rest of the day I reckon. Their husbands were very quiet...trying to be invisible... good luck with that I thought!.

We are currently at the airport where our flight to Beijing has been delayed. God knows for how long as its their 60th anniversary of becoming the peoples republic and its huge here.

So much propaganda. They’ve been rehearsing for a year... god knows how long they’d been planning before that.

I have no confidence that today is going to be anything but a major cock up, as they are all preoccupied about the celebration. Our plane now seems to be delayed indefinitely. The security has been very very over the top. Many of us have had our bags searched and our hand luggage has been gone through with a fine toothed comb.

Much Later

..... well eventually we got onto the plane after being moved from one end of the airport to another gate at the other end. So we are feeling good... at last!!! In we go... get settled and the loud speaker says...(you already know this isn’t going to be good don’t you?) ... ladies and gentlemen... unfortunately we have to stay here on the tarmac for two more hours. Remain in your seats with seatbelts fastened. ...

You are frapping joking!!!

Anyway, it wasn’t 2 hours... after about 1hr 20 mins we were off.

Landed uneventfully in Beijing to a beautiful cool, not muggy, evening and were greeted by our next local guide whose name is also Jason. So now we have J-A and J-B. They are both quite young guys and very nice. Have been with Aussies enough to know our sense of humour, sayings etc. They are making our trip very easy and pleasant. We’ve had our peking duck banquet, which was nice... for some reason I got extra special treatment which was nice.

Mostly the waiters/waitresses only know the engrish words for what they need to do their jobs but you cant really ask them anything else, So the young girl serving the duck knew duck, pancake, cucumber, onion, beer. Which mostly was enough. We have made the mistake a couple of times now and tried to have conversations but really just embarrassed them and I’m not doing it any more.

We really didn’t need the duck banquet as we’d been fed by the airport when our flight was delayed and again on the plane.

PS: I’m getting used to the beer.

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