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Our attempts to free our home on wheels from its silent shroud...

Sam and I hadn't seen her nephew, Nathan, since our trip to the Outer Banks during X-mas 2000. Nathan's now living was his father, Dave, and step mother, Michelle, in Strongsville outside of Cleveland. Sam and I had intended on getting to their house slightly earlier, but a traditional late start and a wall of snow when we crossed from Pennsylvania to Ohio had us in around 7:00. What with our late arrival and the foot or so of snow on the road, we still managed to sample the best of Strongsville with Dave and Nathan at The Oriole, a pub nearby. Our meal consisted of delicious beer onion soup, yummy chicken wings, and some funky salad with rice on top of it. We thought we had ordered a Cobb salad, but when we questioned the waitress, we were informed that it was actually the Cajun Chicken Oriental Cobb. Our bad.

We stayed in a super cozy bed at Dave and Michelle's (thanks again guys!) and went out for breakfast with Nathan in the morning. Unfortunately, we did not have a lot of time to hang out, and the ever-gathering snow made it quite difficult to do anything non snow-related outside, so we hung out in Nathan's room and chatted for a while and then hit the road for my parents' place outside of Lansing, Michigan.

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