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Hello Everyone~ Just a little note to let everyone know why you have not heard from me in the last two days.

Those of us whom have spent time with infants and raising children know whats normal and what is not. I noticed a couple things on Matthew Jr. that concerned me, when we took him to the doctors for a two week check up I expressed my concerns to the doctor. He agreed with me and immediately ordered a couple tests one of which was a ct scan of his skull.

The doctor called early this morning with the test results, Matthew Jr. has Craniosynostosis. For those not familiar, Craniosynostosis is when a babies skull fuses pre-maturely. A baby's skull has 5 thin bony plates that are held together by a fiber-like material called sutures. The sutures allow a baby's skull to expand as the brain grows. The sutures are completely fused on all segments of the skull by the age of 2 1/2.

When the skull fuses too early it causes the babies head to become abnormally shaped. Most often, craniosynostosis affects only one suture. More than half of all cases involve the sagittal suture. The sagittal suture runs across the top of a baby's head from front to back. The baby's brain usually develops normally in these cases, but the head becomes abnormally shaped. The skull may become long and narrow or very flat and broad in front or back or on the sides.

Although most cases of craniosynostosis are diagnosed based on an irregularly shaped head, some babies become ill. This can happen when more than one suture closes too early. This limits the brain's ability to grow and causes pressure on the brain. As pressure builds on the brain, the baby may start vomiting, Become sluggish, sleep more, and play less. Become irritable because of head pain. Develop swollen eyes or problems moving the eyes or following objects. Have problems hearing. Breathe noisily or have periods of not breathing (apnea). If left untreated the baby can have seizures, blindness and developmental delays and disabilities and a severely misshaped head.

Today we spent the day speaking with the doctor, Matthew and Yetzenia's superiors and Evac. We also began the process of Matthew Jr.'s passport, without it we cannot bring him to the states for surgery. They are doing an emergency rush on his passport so we should have it in the next couple of days. Once the passport is complete we await their travel orders, the army will pay a per Diem for each day they are in the states, they will fly them there and back as well as cover the expense of hotel. Matthew and Yetzenia will need to cover everything else.

I will keep everyone posted.

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