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Our Kayak trip at Kaiteriteri .. Abel Tasman National Park.

Dress up night ... The wedding guests !

Meet the wedding party .. Isn't Michel the blushing bride !

Actions speak louder than words ! Meet Jeremy and John !

The Happy Couple ..... Michelle and Michel

Pictures of Franz Josef Glacier ....

Meet the gang, Brad, Becky, Elaine and Michel !!

Wanna know what Hamish's role was ..... He was the Page Sheep....

The kidnapped Hamish was discovered strapped to the big green bus ......

Hiking up a glacier we shall go ... hands up whose done...

A quick snooze in an ice whole ... Its hard work this...

A narrow tunnel we had to go through !

Views from the glacier

A nice stable, swinging bridge enroute to visit the blue pools.

The Blue Pools.

Lord of the Rings Country .... Ring any bells.

Know what this is .... The Bungee Jump Bridge and thats us...

The count down begins 5, 4, 3 and of Shelley jumps with...

Views accross the lake at Wanaka

Views from the boat on Milford Sounds

Milford Sounds

Mirror lake ...Enroute to Milford Sounds

Dear all

Well its the 19th February and we have exactly two weeks and four days left ... But are we making the most of our time left ? Well just you wait till you hear what we have been up to in the past week .... Sitting comftably, then we shall begin.

Firstly, big thanks to all our buddies that have provided us with photos since Nelson to Queenstown ... Unfortunately, Hannah managed to format the camera disk and lost all the photos since Nelson... So that would be a whole load of photos. !

We left Nelson on 10th February and headed to the Abel Tasman National Park at Kaiteriteri. We hired some Kayaks and headed into the Ocean to go exploring. Brad bless his little cotton socks, felt that we all looked far too dry so after capsizing his own kayak with poor Elaine in the front. He then took it upon himself to capsize us ... So we then had soggy sarnies for lunch !

The following day we headed to Lake Mahinapua and enroute stopped off in Greymouth, here we found Hannah's work buddy Duncan chasing up and down the high street after our Big Green Bus. We had a beer with Duncan and a quick catch up, before he caught his train back to Christchurch and we headed to the shops to get our OUTFITS ( Bin liners) for that

nights PARTY.

Fully stocked up with Bin Liners, Red Fish Net tights and wedding Bouquet, we climbed back into the bus and thought a rest was in order. However, low and behold the Bus driver Jerry nominated us to do some Aisle Surfing, now that we had a full bus. So before we knew what was happening, we were flying down the bus, laying flat on our backs and being thrown over peoples heads. We still have the bruises. ! Oh and Shelley Bell won ... hey she had lots of strong people on her side. !

The dress up night ... Upon arrival at the Mahinapua Hotel it was time to sort our outfits out. The Theme was 'Boys as chicks and girls in Bin Liners !'Michel bought his wedding dress, Brad his Brides maids outfit and all we had to do, was make our Grooms and Best Man outfits (out of bin liners .. easy peasy). Three hours later and we were just about ready, wedding outfits on and we headed to the pub to do some serious partying .. and we had a wedding to get to. !

Shelley Bells family, you will be pleased to know ... the wedding went very well and the Special Couple are now happily married. The Bride was given away by Jerry the bus driver, with the bridesmaids Phil and Brad. They were then married by the Landlord Les and overseen by the good Nun Hayley. Good news is the best man didn't loose the rings ! Hamish even managed not to eat the Bouquet of flowers until after the reception.

Next day, recovering from a little headache and Michels snoring .. We found that Hamish had gone missing. ! He never made it home, so after a bickering match between Essex and Cowboy, we thought we were going to have to leave poor Hamish behind. However, at the next stop we found him again .. Dear Brad had attached him to the front of the bus, still in his wedding refinery. He doesn't think much of Jerrys Driving. !

We arrived in Franz Josef on the 12th February and have a couple of days off of the bus... Hooray. We book our trip to climb the Glacier for a whole eight hours. We must be mad ! Following morning, we rise early and get suited and booted in all the latest ice gear. Looking pretty special, we head off to Glacier. What an amazing experience, we climbed in between crevasses of ice and in ice caves. The views from this point were just amazing. ! By 5.00pm we were warn out and glad to head back to the hostel. ! We slept very well that night. !

Enroute to Wanaka next morning, we stopped off for lunch and as we were sat on a rock, minding our own business .. Who should drive past but Hannah's Auntie and Stan. Small world HEY ! So we flagged them down and had a chat. ! We arranged to meet in a few days time.

Leaving Wanaka to Queenstown, Shelley Bell starts to mention the fact that she quite fancys the idea of a Bungee Jump. Enjoy it then , says Hannah. I'll watch from the side lines and take the pictures. ! Little did Hannah know that in a few hours time, she would be strapped to Shelley Bell and Hamish and balancing on the edge of a bridge.

Low and behold we find ourselves at A J Hacketts first ever Bungee Sight over the Kawarau River. We stood on the original suspension bridge, that would be a whole 43 metres up. Let me clarify this for you .. Its a long way UP and a Long Way Down. !

So there we are having been strapped together, Hannah having asked every possible question about every possible scenario. The lads strapping us in by now, have had sense of humor failure. So when Hannah says I only want the top of my head to go in the water , Shelley saying she wants to go into her shoulders .. The lads decided to ignore us and dunk us into our waists. Thanks. !

Well, we stood on the edge of the platform and was told to smile at the camera, Hannah found this an impossible task ! The guys started the count down and Hannah confirms to Shelley Bell that there is no way she is jumping. The count down hits three and Shelley Bell is jumping and you know what, she only took me with her. !


Here we are in Queenstown ... Party Capital ! We had a Sparkly hat night on our first night. Hey we had just done our first and ( Hannah's last) bungee. So we were on a bit of a high.

We met up with Auntie June and Stan on 16th February, for a lovely meal at their hotel! We would have put a photo on the website, but Hannah formated the Disc. UUUGGGH. Thank you for a lovely meal, best food we have had and it was lovely to see you both!

On the 17th February we went on a day trip to Milford Sounds, which is positioned in Fiordland National Park. This is the largest National Park in New Zealand. There were loads of waterfalls and the scenery was amazing. Shame about the rain. Once we were on the boat, we encountered a shawl of bottle nosed dolphins. ( Which made our trip !). They played and raced infront of the boat. We also saw some batchelor seals that had been turfed out of their seal colony.

On the 18th we met up with Jerry and Elaine, we headed up the Gondola in Queenstown and checked out some amazing views. We went on the Luge .. ( Its a tray on wheels, with handle bars and you go round a course as fast as you can !). We then decided to WALK back down the mountain which took a good while, but was really nice. Then we went for a well earned Pimms and Lemonade at the Pig and Whistle.

Sadly we said goodbye to allot of our new found buddies last night, as they left this morning with Jerry on the Bus. We have met some fab people on the Kiwi Bus and a big thank you to Jerry, cos he really made the trip for us ...!

We leave tomorrow to go white water rafting finally ! .. Then onto christchurch.

We have changed our flights to Fiji , so we leave New Zealand on the 26th February. ! We need to top our tans up before we come home. !

Luv to you all

We are warn out after writing all that ... off to the P and W for more Pimms .

Luv Hannah and Shelley Bell.


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