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061008 – Galveston Island State Park – Given our late arrival in Duncanville, I let the kids sleep until about 8:30AM. We were on the road by 9AM and started heading west. I asked Neil to verify the route, and he said keep going on the 20 for two hundred miles. Well, this was wrong. I figured it out after travelling about 80 miles off course. The upside was that we had an interesting opportunity to get off the beaten path and see the rural areas between Dallas and Houston. We had a fun drive and at one point passed a very old industrial building on fire.

During this trip, Neil continued his genealogy research and proved that we are descendants of two Mayflower passengers including Thomas and Joseph Rogers. I believe that there is one more linkage to John Alden, but further research is required. This exercise was fun as I led Neil down the path of discovery (something that I always knew, but had not yet shared with him).

We arrived on Galveston Island around 4:30 PM. On the way to the state park we stopped to purchase bait for fishing. I had Neil and Keane go into the shop with specific instructions to come back with the optimum bait selection based on consultation with the seller. About five minutes later they returned to the car with a pound of small squid. Apparently the seller was not the best consultant and the kids could not get more than two words out of him. Perhaps it was the California license plates. After all, we are coming from the land of fruits and nuts. It always adds complexity when I add that the kids live in Hawaii.

We registered, dumped our stuff at the shelter and immediately went fishing. We waded through muck to get to our first site. Keane and Neil have never had marsh muck up to their knees so this was fun to watch. After Keane and I changed locations, Neil cut his foot on shells while running back to shore…evading something swimming in the water at his feet with a big black head. He claims that it was a stingray, but I think that he was simply hallucinating given the beautify sunset we were able to enjoy.

We fished until it was black out and then returned to the camp. I cooked steaks and salad and then the boys passed out after one game of Uno. I sat by the fire outside working on emails enjoying the night time view of the bay.

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