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Hello chaps!

Tis barnesy today. What will people call me when i get married? I dread to think.

It has been a busy couple of weeks for us, not so much from traveling but from organising a wedding! who would have thought it could be that stressful? Ho hum, all done now, just have to look forward to the big day!

We left KL for the Cameron Highlands, a hill station developed a hundred years ago by us Brits to escape the heat of the plains. At 1500metres, it is pretty cool, and a welcome relief form both the temperature and the humidity of down below. We mouched around here for a couple of days, taking in a trip to a strawberry farm (yum) and a tea factory, which was far more interesting than it sounds....mainly due to the fact chris hates tea and i force fed him a mug if it! ha! The scenery is also beautiful,. and we luckily had a fine couple of days for it.

From here, we went onto the island of penang, some 200 km north. This involved enduring the most annoying train jounrey known to man, as we were say next to a man who had a cold but REFUSED to use a tissue. I got so annoyed with it, i even offered him one of my own rags, but he dodn't take the hint and continued to sniff every five seconds for the next three hours. Chris held the i-pod hostage, meaning i suffered alone.

Penage was ok - the main city is called Georgetown and is full of historical architecture form british colonisation. Unfortunetely, we arrived about 11 pm, and some how winded up in the red light district (again!!!! is chris doing this on purpose?!). We spent one night in possibly the worst hotel on earth, which was filthy and had a mosquito infestation of almost biblical prroportions. We even had to go out a 1 am to buy insect killer it was so bad. Needless to say, we changed hotels the next day and got lucky with a 3 star hotel and buffet breakfast for 12 pounds!

We hired a bike and did a tour around the island, which is a pretty place, but the beaches are dirty and the locals said that they don't go into the sea because it is polluted. It seems that tourism has really taken off here in the last 10 years or so, but as is so common in S E Asia, the infrastructure has not progressed accordingly.

We had a particualrly interesting night out on Sunday. We found a bar which was showing the Gran Prix, and treated ourselves to a couple of beers. We quickly noticed that there was something amiss......there seemed to be a few women dressed rather inappropriately, who were leading men 'around the back'......we soon realised that we were in a brothel. It was quite interesting to watch the steady stream of customers, but also repulsive...but the beer was cheap and the car racing was we hung aorund! What has become of us? I had to leave chris for a few minutes while i hunted for some insect repellent. In my absence, he was circled in the manner of a hungry vulture by a 'tom' as he likes to call them - but in my opinion they could be more accurately described as a 'tim'.

From Penang, we then headed to Langkawi. The ferry over was rough - you couldn't stand up without having to grip onto something for dear life. i headed up to the top deck to pre-empt the obligatory sea sickness. I was later joined by chris, who was also feeling a bit ropey. We managed to get there in one piece, and it really is a beautiful place. the sand is like icing sugar, the water like a bath, and the interior is mountainous and covered in thick jungle. So far we have hired a bike and visited 'the seven wells' - basically a waterfall with a few pools to swim in. We had forgotten our guide book that day, so went into it 'blind' - not realising it was 600 steps up to the top. Oh well, it burned off some of the YUMMY food we had had at an italian the night before (very topical). The weather has been a bit 'english' today, so we are just catching up on a few things. We popped to a 'duty free' shop, and found decent wine at 2 pounds a bottle! I almost cried i was so happy. Hopefully we will be off to Thailand either tomorrow or the next day, so watch this space!!!

We hope that everyone is well, and thankyou to everyone who has congratulated us on the recent happy event! The pictures of the rock do not do it justice, so you will all just have to be patient! sorry!

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