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My beautiful birthday cake, tasted good too

Tony's cousin (who organised the evening), me, Tony. Look closely Nikki put...

tony's cousin, me and Nikki at KTV

Nikki singing up a storm



After a Nana nap in the afternoon, it was time to head off to my "Birthday party" organised by Tonys cousin. We went to KTV which is a room with a big screen, stereo and microphones - karaoke. I don;t know what it is about me and overseas holidays but I won't karaoke in Austrlia but always seem in a position to "have" to do it when I'm away (same deal in NZ).

This was a night where I learned (as if I didn;t know) that even though it may be 3% beer, if you drink enough 3% beer, you will still feel sick in the morning. It also doesn't help when the way you drink it is in 150mL glass fulls skolled at a time.

When we first arrived they brought some pistachios, sunflower seeds and sultanas in for us to nibble on and even though NIkki had warned me it was still surprising that standard practice is to just chuck/spit your seeds/shells or waste products (eg chicken bones) onto the floor or table. And if your a chinese man you can also just spit or "bushmans blow" your nose on the floor too.

Thankfully there was a western toilet although by the end of the night Nikki reminded me to go back to squatting above the seat and there seemed to be more liquid on the floor than in the toilet (hopefully it was just water from the sink, but thats wishful thinking - there may have been some aim, point and shoot issues i think)

Tonys cousin had friends in another room and they all came in through the night to have a drink with the birthday girl (read foreigner... same same) and so he could show off Tony and his new bride... (technically they had completed the legalities the day before and were legally married by then)

At 12:30 we had to pick up two of the other foreigners (Australians who taught with Nikki in Putian ) and then headed back to the hotel.

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