Claes Johansson Asia 2008 travel blog

Little bit of a tourist trap. For a small amount of money,...

Same tourist trap again, but this time with a leopard.

Crocodile show.

I would not like to have my hand there.

Fore sure, I would never do this.

Elephant walking on wires.


Dog and tiger in same cage.

Same dog and tiger again.

The crocodile's skin may end in a pair of shoes or a...

Daytrip to Samut Prakan and Crocodile Farm and zoo. To get there were no problem. First take the sky train to the end station and then taxi 30-40 kilometer. Finally the taxi stopped outside of the entrance. Except for thousands of crocs, I saw an elephant show and crocodile wrestling show. The restaurant inside the area offered dishes like crocodile steak or beef. They even served crocodile burgers. The return trip to Bangkok was a little bit more complicated. I had to go with two different buses. 99% of all information is in Thai script and outside of the tourist areas; the Thai people speak very little English. But with some time and luck I finally find my way home.

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