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Buddist Temple

Bugs and Beer with Mike

Now that's a mouthful, one helluva big bug.

I'm not quite sure how it happened, but it did. I spent a whole week in that city and didn't accomplish a thing. I didn't even take the Thai massage course, having decided it would be better in Chang Mai, a city to the north.

The list of things to see was staggering. Temples, palaces and everything else, all within a short bus ride. I checked out some of them and was truly impressed. The love and devotion put into these building is hard to grasp. The detail and quality is second to none, that I've seen at least, but I am just starting this trip.

Mike showed up a few days into it. That was good for a laugh, if not a little odd. Here's this guy who until a couple of years ago, had never travelled, giving me travel advice. How things change. He seemed really happy, in love with Vietnam, and everything it contains. As a celebration for his last night, we went out for beer and bugs on the infamous Khoa San Road. Well Mike had the beer and bugs, I had whiskey. Some habits are hard to break. Whiskey is one, and not eating bugs is the other. Maybe later....., but I kinda doubt it.

I did manage to quench my urge for shopping though. A shopaholics paradise. From huge shopping malls to one of the world's largest outdoor markets, and everything in between. Having just lightened my pack into Mike's bag, I wasn't in much of a hurry to refill it, so I just bought a few pieces of clothing that I will wear to threads on this trip. Everything else can wait until I fly home. I'm sure that plan will change, once I get to Vietnam and other places that I won't be returning to before the end of the trip. Good thing the post is relatively cheap. I also got a cell phone! Really cheap (because it must be one of the first models made) and will make my life alot easier. It's free to receive calls and text messages, so go ahead. The # is (66)8 5340 7570. Even though there's a good chance I may not answer it. The ring is super quiet and I'm sure most of ya know my relationship with phones. Not so good. I will try to remember it when I go out and about, and listen for it though. If you're on Skype, it should be dirt cheap.

After a few more days I realized how much time I was wasting and kicked myself in the ass. Gettin out of the city became priority. What the hell did I do there for so long? I'm sure it'll remain a mystery forever.

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