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View from Budapest Castle

Evening view from the bike tour

...Another evening view

Budapest by night

Budapest Train Station

LOVED Budapest... loved it.

We went on an excellent bike tour here, and they even have special little traffic lights for the bicycles! Little pictures of bikes in red, orange and green. This was highly amusing to me.

A couple of us nearly fell off.. which added a touch of adrenaline to our ride. We were laughing pretty much all the time as it was... as for most of us, it was the first time we had had a bike with a dinger bell since we were 5 or 6. And boy did we make up for it.

We dinged when we passed something interesting.. we dinged when we stopped... we dinged when we started again... we dinged when we nearly fell off... we dinged sometimes just for dinging... we dinged passers by, locals, dogs, trees... (you get the idea I think)...

We also went to a Turkish bath.. well I'm gonna call it nudey baths... cause that's what it was. I was a bit worried about the whole fiasco because I haven't ventured down that road before. Dorothy and Nika had though, and they patiently answered all my endless yabbering questions... even when I started repeating them like Grandpa Simpson and his old onion belt.

When we got there though, to my surprise I couldn't wait to ditch the towel. Jumped in and all.... (well waded, but anyhow)... How great is this place!... so refreshing to just be nudey and all for awhile. They had some really HOT steam rooms and an excellent squeal inducing plunge pool. It delighted me to tinker back and forth between the two.... patter over to the others and chat... and basically just stalk around, well... starkers.

Ate great food...wine..beer... even learned some history...

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