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We got up early this morning to attend a church in Monte Vista. The web said their service started at 8 AM. When we got there the sign outside said church starts at 10 AM! So we just headed out of town and continued our journey. We stopped in the next couple towns to see if we could happen upon a church that matched our schedule but that didn't work out either. We'll have to plan a little better from now on.

We traveled more or less straight north today through Colorado to Wyoming. We left Monte Vista on HW 285 driving through some nice flat farm country along the east side of the Rockies. The main crop here seems to be potatoes and the fields looked very healthy with the potato plants all blooming. Elena drove the rig for most of this stretch to get used to pulling the trailer. It was a nice straight road with very little traffic on a Sunday morning. Past the small town of Saguache we began climbing into the mountains again to Poncha Pass (9,000 ft.). The views were beautiful along this route with very long vistas of the valleys and the snow capped peaks to the west and north. We looked around the small town of Buena Vista. It seems to live off the river float business. There must be 50 companies there that will take you on a river-rafting trip of half day to ten days.

Then we took HW 24 north on a very scenic route. Passed through the towns of Fairplay and Alma then over the Hoosier Pass (11,541 ft.) to Breckenridge, and Frisco. Hoosier Pass was a real "pull" for the Avalanche but it did it with no problems. The town of Breckenridge was very busy with summer tourists. It looks like "dollar signs" everywhere with all the beautiful homes and condos. The town is kept very beautiful in the summer with colorful flowers everywhere along the streets. We stopped by Dillon Reservoir near Frisco to enjoy our lunch right beside the lake.

There was a bicycle trail along several miles of our route in the Breckenridge/Frisco area. We were certainly impressed with all the bicyclists who were able to peddle up these steep mountains at this very high altitude where the air is so thin. What stamina! There were also hundreds of people out enjoying a Sunday ride on their motorcycles.

From there we continued north on Highways 9, 40, 14, 125, 127, and finally HW 230 to Laramie, WY. After we crossed into Wyoming we started seeing herds of Pronghorn Read about Pronghorns

We arrived in Laramie at about 4 PM, stopped at the Super Wal*Mart to stock up on some groceries, and now plan to spend the night in their parking lot. We count about eight other RVs doing the same thing!

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