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Friday 7th September 2007 Weather:- Sunny 15 degrees

(J) Continental breakfast was part of the deal this morning, my what a nice breakfast; first of all nice freshly brewed coffee, fresh bread rolls, brioches and croissants, 2 different types of cheeses, ham, worst and four different types of jam, enough for four people. To top it off no-one was smoking in the dining room for a change, oh how we are spoilt already in Australia as far as smoke free areas are concerned.

Our little trip into town today was really worth the effort. Lucerne is a beautiful city, 'surrounded' by an alpine village if that is at all possible. The buildings seem to have a height restriction of 6—7 stories (depending on their ceiling height) a lot of French Colonial mixed with old Swiss and modern architecture. The scenery around the harbour is spectacular and is best seen in the pictures above. A huge train station to the right of the harbour services all the tourists who flock here from all over the world as is heard in all the different languages spoken while walking around. The Swiss language sounds to my ear as a mixture of Dutch and German; I find I can make myself understood if I speak Dutch easier than English. The busses run on electricity—just imagine a bus with tram tackle on top and no tram lines. It does mean the city is covered with a web of overhead wires though but saves a lot on pollution.

My chauffer did 'good' today: 71kl in 1 ½ hours, we took the scenic roads and SCENIC they were with a capital S. On leaving Lucerne we had the mountains rising straight up on our right hand side as we were winding around their base. On the left hand the road was skirting Lake Lucerne and at some points being built out over it. The colour of the lake was a beautiful milky azure, that is the first time that I have seen water in that hue of grey/green/blue.

After a while we turned inward and upward; we drove through tunnel after tunnel, one being 3 ½ Kl. long. Tom-Tom did its job until we nearly reached the top and then it lost the signal. It could not reach the satellites; I think that they were hidden by the mountains. It was a good thing that the road was well marked by road signs so we were able to just drive onward. Where ever we looked we were dwarfed by the mountains, some green and wooded, some all rock and some covered with a blanket of snow. Every now and then we spotted a waterfall and at each bend another fantastic view emerged. We were also pleasantly surprised to find lots of places to pull over so that we could enjoy the view. Hand gliding is also a very popular sport here as we spotted many participants.

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