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Amber fort-palace (1)

Amber fort-palace (2)

Amber fort-palace (3)

Gateway to the second courtyard

Sarah with flower pot on head

Denis with bowl on head

Jai Mandir (Hall of Victory) with inlaid panels and mirrors

Sarah on the battlements

The outside of Jai Mandir (Hall of Victory)

Rajput warrior in traditional dress


Sarah & Denis try out the auto-timer on the walk to Jaigarth...


View from Jaigarth Fort

Tradesman's entrance view of Amber palace-fort

The biggest wheeled cannon in the world, apparently

Raj Mandir pink cream cake cinema

Pink because of the colour of the buildings in the old city and not because the men hold hands. They do like their homophobic jokes though. We went to the Raj Mandir cinema (which looks like a pink cream cake) to see a Hindi film and the films running gag was that someone's maid thought the 2 leading men were gay. Including one bit (that got the biggest laugh in the film) when one is trying to get the phone and the other is stopping him - "Give it to me", "No", "Give it to me", "No", I think you get the gist.

We got a bus to Amber fort-palace yesterday (Denis thought it should be called the Brown fort-palace as it it was a bit run down). It was busy with Indian tourists who wanted to take photos of us. We said no unless they paid us 10 Rupees.

To escape the crowds we walked 2km uphill to Jaigarth Fort, a fort that was never captured in it's history which also houses the worlds biggest wheeled cannon. This was fantastic, very peaceful and superb views. Well worth the trip.

S still solid, D solid again, was just a flash in the pan.

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