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The last two days we traveled along the "Loneliest Road in America", Nevada's Highway 50. Highway 50 is wide and open, but also very scenic and historic. It retraces the route of the Pony Express and Overland Stagecoach trails and is a 287-mile stretch of road.

We saw a salt lake, Sand Mountain, a two-mile long mound of sand rising several hundred feet and the old Shoe Tree, a giant cottonwood filled with hanging shoes. The tradition is said to have started following an argument between newlyweds, during which one tossed the other's shoes into the tree. When they reconciled, the other reciprocated, and folks have been tossing their footwear into the tree ever since. We didn't get pictures, as we wanted to keep moving and it was hot.

On this long stretch you see very few vehicles, there is no phone service, and if you see a gas station, it's best to "top off the tank". There were forest fires nearby, but we were able to avoid them by checking at each station to see if the roads ahead were open. Seems the area has been in a severe drought and the temperatures higher than normal. Also, all the news reported record heat in this area and northern California.

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