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Steve at Whithaven

Me on whithaven beach

Me n Stinger suit

Moi n french whithaven-met up with his boat on the beach

Special boys

Me n Steve doing Kung Fu... i dont know why, just because!

Steve and girls off our boat

Snorkling steve

Millions of fish and big elvis- we snorkled amongst these guys

...and with these guys!

Steve on top of van

Walking to champagne pools

Steve collapsed on white haven beach

Steve at ozi zoo

In buggy on fraser

Me n Stevie -fraser

Dingo on fraser


The gang in champagne pools

beach on fraser island

Gang at dinner on fraser


Steve getting into the goon

Chilling under the stars-fraser

Steve driving on fraser

Absolutely beautiful!Lake McKenzie on fraser island

Steve on whitsundays boat

Girlies on boat

Off the boat drinking reunion























































Ok there is just faaaaarrrrrrr tooooooo much to write about, we have had such a good and such a crazy few weeks! After we met steve in Airlie the boys had a few mad nights out before we went to the whitsundays. Steve and I went on a different boat to french cause he wanted to do his diving stuff. We had what looked like an amazing boat and in fairness it was really nice the only problem was it was designed to hop over the water not go through the water smoothly. Guess who got sea sick!! NOT ME! WOO! lol. The first day on the boat Steve, with his hangover, got sea sick quite badly and cursed me for bringing him on the boat lol. The funniest thing ever....Steve went into the little toilet (which is teeny tiny) to be sick, we were all sitting in the living room just outside the toilet because it is really really choppy outside and there's waves coming over the boat. Next thing we know the toilet door flies open and out walks steve absolutely soaking wet and looking not at all impressed/well. I have never laughed so hard and for so long in my life, while he had been being sick over the toilet gallons, and literally gallons! of water had been pouring in the window above the toilet onto his head. This happened to him about 10 times before he managed to get himself out of the toilet!! It was sooooooooooooooooooooo funny! One he came out he collapsed on the floor for about 30 seconds before running back in...i love that guy!lol he's funny without even trying!

Anyway we sailed around some of the most amazing islands/beaches/coral in the world it was something out of paradise, well i think it was paradise! We managed to have 3/4 snorkels and the fish we saw were amazing! On the second day we went to a fantastic place where the fish were literally all around you and centimeters from your face if not right up in your face, it was amazing! At one point i was swimming along in a big school (cant spell that) of fish, i didn't half feel like nemo! Sadly i didn't have an underwater camera to capture it all but it was an absolute highlight yet again!! We also went to, apparently, the worlds third best beach, now don't ask me who decides that lol, but it was called Whitehaven. THe sand was soooo white it was like snow and you had to wear stinger suits to go in the water as per usual around the east coast really. WHen you got in the water you could see the stingrays and some small sharks just swimming around where you were, steve tried to chase one and failed lol.

We couldn't really drink on the boat as it was asking for trouble while sailing, that was fine by me! THe nights were therefore filled with eating as much food as possible, the food that was cooked was gorgeous and there was lots of it! Best of all it was included in the package so nothing more to pay yey and we got our money's worth believe me! We also spent the nights star gazing, out in the middle of the ocean between several islands and it was so peaceful and clear i've never seen so many stars. The first night we slept in a place called turtle bay where we got to see huuuuuugggggeeeee turtle's! So cool!

Once again we met some really cool people and had a few drinks with them when we returned to the hostel 3 days later. Although i loved the trip and looking back now i feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to do it im definately not made for a life at sea lol. Its strange to think when we're in a hostel or at home we think we'd be lost without tv and internet as entertainment and sitting on the back of the boat sailing away we were all entertained for ages by an eagle that was following the boat and we were feeding it meat. Brilliant experience really.

ANYWAY!! Frazer island was cooooooolllllll beans too =D, another very different and awesome experience. Some of the people we met in airlie beach ended up doing frazer island with us aswel which was really cool. We got put into three groups of eleven, given an off road 4x4, a shopping list, some alcohol, a tent, directions and sent off to an island for 3 days/2 nights. There's just toooooooo much to tell so il stick to the basics. Im sure frenchie will recap too anyway! The first day we got the buggy and drove across the beach and the island to a fresh water lake which was just like nothing iv seen before! The water was so fresh it was just like swimming in a bath of evian water or something it was beautiful! From there we went to a creek which was kinda like the rapids and centre park apart from through a little rainforest and it took you from one end to the other, again amazing. THe last two stops included a ship, which was a bit pants, and some rocks called the pinnacles which were a bit pants lol. THen we went on to base camp where we were to set up tents and would be home for the next two nights. Its the only camp on frazer island where there are hot showers and toilets woooo! We set up camp and then set up the bbq and got out the goon =D. As we had all got up at 5.30 that morning everyone was pretty dead so we retreated to the beach to chill and once again star gaze before returning to camp and collapsing. oooo we saw a couple of dingo's too!

THe second day on frazer we had to be up at 6.30 so we could drive along the beach before the tide came in at 7.15, beach driving is sooo much fun!! Our first stop was turtle lake which was cool but small so we headed back to the beach early to lay around and piddle about till we could drive along the beach again to the champagne pools. Sadly there is no alcohol in the champagne pools, they get the name from the fact that they are a little group of pools in some rocks over which waves from the sea crash, so as you are sitting in the little pools and the waves from the sea on the other sides crash onto them the water trickles down creating lotsa champagne! Loved these! Spent a good hour or so just sitting and swimming. Then we went to a place called Indian heads which is a look out point and you can see sharks and stingrays and mantra rays from the top, pretty cool. Went back to base camp, had showers, cooked spag bol =D, played ring of fire with goon and had a heart attack over a hideous spider!! Ok so when you camp you expect insects, when you camp in oz you expect them all to kill just by default lol its easier that way! We were all sitting on the benches under a covering playing ring of fire and there was a wolfe spider (can put you in hospital but not kill apparently =S) spinning a web on the beams above us. It decided to drop from the beams on its stupid little web really quickly onto the hat of one of our friends sending all the girls, and yes some of the guys, screaming away from the table. This isn't a small spider!! It then goes back up and we all eventually return to the table, just as we are sitting down the little beep beep does it again but lands on the bench and leaves everyone, yet again screaming away from the table. I had about 5 heart attacks in the space of about a minute! We eventually got the ranger guy, who by the way is crazy! and he came to kill it before telling us that yes it can hospitalise you and has a tendancy to chase you. Anyway he had it in his hand, thought he had killed it but no he hadn't and the little.......beep beep started trying to escape and crawl along his hand/ along the bench, more screams a couple of stamps of a boot and it was finally gone. So conclusion....... steph is not made for the bush or for the sea she loves her cities lol.

The last day on frazer was filled with a day of lakes, again fresh water clear lakes, the famous lake mcKenzie was beautiful and our last stop before we left frazer island. The pics are amazing but still don't do it justice! Steve French and I all had a chance to drive the 4x4 along the beach while we were there which was coooooooollllll and steve n french did a bit of off roading.

A manic two weeks but an amazing two weeks that both french and i will never forget! We are now in a little place called noosa, which is just like yarm so i love it! lol apart form its by a beach and not cobbled =D. We went to ozi zoo today which was sooooo cooooolllll i was feeding and practically hugging the kangeroos was soooo coool! Saw an awesome tiger show too but sadly didn't get any pics of that cause my camera went dead! Fed a few elephants and saw lotsa crocs. Again a good day. We leave for Brisbane tomorrow where we meet up with allll the guys again so tomorrow night should be a good one =D. From there........who knows!

Love you all heaps and keep the e-mails coming i like hearing the news and gossip from home!!


P.s ran out of time to upload rest of pics, if you have facebook check them out there and il try upload more soon =D. If you dont have facebook my mum n dad have the link to my pics there. xxx

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