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avin our tea at hostel last night

on the back of our limo!!

in the cavern

all geared up

just call me the chauffer!

monkey business!

Tulum town

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scrap heap challenge mobile

Hola senors and senoritas! We have moved down the coast about an hour to a small town called Tulum. The beach is supposed to be spectacular but we haven't been yet so will let you know. Got a break in the weather today which was a god send, its raining but a little cooler. Only prob is that it brings the mozzies out so now i've got another 6 bites to add to the 25 already on mi legs! Man i must taste much better than james coz he's only got one bite but they went for the balls, literally! Great balls of fire comes to mind! Our new hostel is ok, beds are a bit smelly but food is great and it's really comunal, you know everyone sits around the table at night telling stories and drinking beer! Getting alot of inside information for our move down to Belize.

We have been cave snorkling today. They are called cenotes over here. We had a guide, he took us to a big cavern first that we snorkled around looking at all the staglitites and staligmites and getting our feet cleaned by the fish! Next we went to a proper underground cave system. The roof was only a foot above our heads at some points so the snorkle kept catching on it! Abit clostrophobic sometimes and when we turned the tourches off you couldnt even see your hand in front of your face! James got snagged on the roof by his life vest which was quite funny!

For an added bonus we were driven around the site in an executive limosine, scrap heap challenge would be proud!

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