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Paradise with Maria & Charlie

Not the average view from your local swimming pool

Chubby Thai's! Bit of a rarity!

Fall in love with the shower in my room, being the first bathroom i've showered in with natural light since I left home, (so I can actually shave my legs properly!) and before i know it 40 mins has passed, I'm soaking wet, unpacked and my bus to Pai leaves in 5 mins! Oh well...go with the flow and all...i turn up very late, and hey presto, bus just arrives too!

Journey out to Pai is stunning...the scenery is beautiful; we wind up and down green mountains with sheer drops at our side. (My fear of corners is starting to go!)

Meet a canadian couple on the bus (Maria & Charlie) who are lovely, and Maria can chat for England (or Canada!) and she's attempting to become less stressed and plan less...whilst Charlie is so laid back...and I have to laugh at the likeness between Paul and I. End up spending the next 4 days with them.

...Pai is like a hippy traveller hang out, very laid back, and full of people smoking naughty stuff and getting wasted by lunchtime. The 3 of us feel we stick out like a sore thumb due to our lack of dreadlocks and hippy clothing but it's a brilliant place, great atmosphere, clean air, and i'm so glad I came!...and they have the banana pancake street cars so I'm in heaven again!

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