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To answer a text message I received today saying "are you alive" I thought I'd better show my face on this little blog page again. I've just started writing about Luang Prabang but as I landed up spending 8 days there (5 days longer than planned) it might take a few updates to get it all down.

I finally (and sadly) bade farewell to my beloved LP today and caught a quick 40min flight to the capital of Laos, Vientiane. I didn't really plan on spending anytime here as although it's a nice town, it's basically just that. My mind was also made up by the fact that the only flight south I could get is at 7am tomorrow it's literally a pit stop from me.

Arriving here was quite a shock though and I realised I'd almost lost my ability to cross a road with traffic! Although it's probably one of the quietest "cities" in asia it's pace far exceeds that of LP....and my mind didn't really have time to adjust in the 40min flight. I met a nice dutch couple at the airport (they described themselves as the mad dutch people in my little book though) and we shared a taxi into town. they were catching the night train to bangkok tonight so the 3 of us had some lunch then went to the river for a beer/fruitshake for a few hours before they left.

I found a nice guesthouse just around the corner from where they were leaving from so got myself checked in and settle for the night. I've made good use of the pit stop though and stocked up on a few basics (conditioner, toothpaste and bits) and managed to get myself a $5 manicure and pedicure at a beauty parlour I stumbled on near my guesthouse. I hear many of you laughing but you would not believe the levels of dust that have permeated my skin, toes, nails, hands and feet - a good scrub-up was definitely in order!! Besides.....3 pounds!!!!!!!!!

After dashing back for a quick shower I stopped at a street cafe for a very yummy green thai curry (and a laobeer - who have now started making Carlsberg beer I'll have you know) and now here attempting to update some blogs and sods!

My flight to pakse in southern laos is at 7am (i think i mentioned) so will be a 5am start for me.....hence time for me to sign-off again for now. I'll hopefully have some email for a few days before i head to a very remote island in the middle of the mekong where i don't believe they even have electricity.....if I don't then see you on the other side in a week or so!

Having a great time; I'm very content, relaxed and now even have a good arm, calf and feet tan (note clothes in photographs). Sure more of the same to come.....

ps. forget to mention highlight of my day - getting an email from a novice monk called Bounpon from LP (long story will update in LP section-but asked to have to chat to us to help practice english)- but quite a privelege as women can't approach monks and conversation has to be at the monks initiative ....and very seldom happens! i believe having a buddhist monk as a friend in my life can only bring good karma from now on :-)

Hi Kim How are you? where are you staying now I very nice too met you had you already leave from Laungprband or not yet if you already leave from Luangprabang I will be miss you all the time becuse I had talk with you that made me happy and great to talk with you and this the first time i have been talking with you and i hope that you are very happy with your traveling I look forward I willl recieave your letter from you and i wish you have a nice traveling I hope that we will be met again best wish from Laos bounpon

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