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The Great Pyramid of Khufu

Close-up of the robber's entrance

The Great Pyramid robber's entrance

Michael going into the Great Pyramid

Entrance to the Great Pyramid

Stones at the Great Pyramid

Kim at the base of The Great Pyramid

Menkaure's Pyramid complex.

Menkaure's Pyramid (My Best Shot)

Khafre's Pyramid complex.

Menkaure's Pyramid

Khafre's Pyramid complex.

View from the Giza Plateau

Mohamed at The Great Pyramid

The pyramids at Giza

Mohamed and Kim at Giza

Kim and I at Giza

Kim gets on a Camel

Kim on the Camel

Both of us at Giza on Camels

Want to go for a Camel Ride?

Kim is a camelback rider

Both of us on Camels at Giza

Kim waves to the camera

Camel at Giza

Queen's Pyramid at Giza

Base of the Pyramid where Pharoh's yacht was buried

Great Pyramid whose shadow protected the yacht

Stones that covered the yacht

Mohamed explains about the discovery of the boat in 1954

Mohamed with a scale model of the boat

Model of The Solar Barque of Khufu.

The Solar Barque of Khufu model

The Solar Barque of Khufu.

Main compartment on the Solar Barque of Khufu.

The Solar Barque of Khufu.

Khafre's pyramid, called 'Khafre is Great'

The Sphynx guards the Pyramids

The face of the great Sphynx

The Sphynx

The Sphynx with pyramid in the rear

Sphynx with paws

Profile of the Sphynx

Kim appears to be kissing the Sphynx

The Sphynx from Giza

Another Sphynx view

Picture of St. George and the Dragon at Cairo Church

Well at the site where Moses was brought from the Nile

Moses Well

The Hanging Church (El Muallaqa, Sitt Mariam, St Mary)

Mohamed shows the path of the Exodus

Inside the Hanging Church

Mar Girgis Church (St.George) is built on top of a Roman tower.

In talking with Mohammed it became obvious that I can help him by giving a plug on the website and doing a brochure for him. I will work on this when I return. Today we went to the three pyramids at Giza. We looked at the amazing accomplishment that this represents. I can't type on a moving train at night on the palm. I will have to catch this up at a better time. I did get the pictures downloaded. Today the train is quieter and I am able to write this morning.

It is amazing to see how these tombs were built. There is no cement used. The stones were quarried and fit in place at the site. It took 20 years to build the Great Pyramid, but that figure is deceiving. It was 20 years at only 4 months per year. There were a 100,000 workers used to build the Great Pyramid. All stones are the exact same height, but the width and depth vary. They put two stones together leaving a place in the middle. The middle stone is scribed and cut to fit exactly between the other two. This is exactly how molding, countertops or tile is cut to a precise fit today.

It is now June 1st in the evening. I have time to sit at the computer and catch up with the writing. Mohammed says that man fears time, but time fears the pyramid. The erosion is wearing the pyramid away, but this only renews them. As the old stone wears away the next course is revealed - in effect renewing them. I got a chance to look inside the Great Pyramid. Mohammed spoke in Arabic to the attendant and I got my picture taken inside the entrance and got to walk down to the entrance for a view. We looked at all three pyramids and I photographed them all.

Mohammed and I went to see the boat. Kim stayed in the AC in the van. The boat of Kofu was amazing. Not a single nail in it and well designed so that it could be taken apart in 1 to 2 days and also reassembled in that time. This was done on journeys to move it around the falls. It was found in a pit near the Great Pyramid covered with 42 stones. It was disassembled. It took 25 years for the engineers to reassemble it.

Camels were our next stop. Kim was going to ride a camel. It ended up being Kim and Michael riding camels. We got our pictures taken on the camels. We rode a little way down from the pyramids and back. My camel turned his head around to say hello or bite me. I am really not sure and glad that it did not end with me in the Cairo hospital explaining to American Express the incident for our travel plan coverage. It was best to avoid that scenario. I also got Kim's picture close up on the camel from a camel. It should be a good shot.

From the pyramids, we went to the other side to see the Sphinx. We were also shown great granite used to create temples in front of the Sphinx. You can no longer get to Tutmoses stella between the paws. I had hoped to photograph from a low angle showing the paws up to the face. We setup a picture that appears Kim is kissing the Sphinx. From the Sphinx, we went to see how perfume is made. We got the deluxe treatment at the factory which includes drinks and a sales pitch. A low key sales pitch, but a sales pitch none the less. I bought a small bottle of lotus flower scent. It does smell good.

We then went to KFC for lunch. This was a needed break. From the KFC, we went banking to change $ for Le. I needed to be able to tip both our guide and driver. I had been asking to go banking for a while, but it had not been convenient. I was starting to run a tab with Mohammed and this was not good at least from my point of view. So with cash in hand, we then proceeded to the Egyptian Museum.

At the Egyptian Museum, we found that as of 2 weeks ago, no photography. Too many IDIOT tourists were taking flash pictures. We toured the bottom part of the museum. There is an unfinished sarcophagus in the museum. They would quarry the sarcophagus and hollow the middle and then float it up the Nile to lower Egypt. Once there, they would quarry the bottom layer to create a lid. This piece was abandoned because the top broke in the cutting process. The mystery is that the saw appears to be a circular saw, which did not exist at the time.

We also saw the Narmer tablet. Narmer was the first king of Egypt. We also saw the statues of Akanatem and the stylized way they were done. Mohammed saw Kim get tired. He went to lay her down and she slept for ½ hour, while we finished the ground floor. After she woke, we went to the King Tut treasures. It truly is amazing to see the massive amount of jewelry that he was buried with and then the gold anthropoid coffins and funeral mask. Truly impressive!

From here, we went on a wide search for bread as we went to the train station. The train station is where we met Sassa. We met him in the AM before our tour. He was worried that we were unhappy. We were just tired and told him this in the morning and also in the evening. We then stood and waited for the train. More and more police officers were there armed with Uzis. In fact more than one armed police officer boarded the train with us. It was a way to make sure that there are no problems, but for some people this would be too uncomfortable.

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