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Our bungalows on Ko Samui, Thailand

Our bungalow on Koh Samui

Jungle Club, Koh Samui

Jungle Club restaurant

Our bungalow at Jungle Club

We travelled (Bus, Boat and Shuttle - 10 hours) to Samui. We needed a place of refuge. A place to regain, rest and recapture. It was handed to us. We were met at the ferry doc on the way to Samui by the owner of Grass Huts in the quite beach town we were headed to. Price was just right, huts right on the beach and her husband was sent to pick us up on the other side. We've been here for a few days now. We eat in the restaurant over the water, read, swim, walk into town for a bit during the day and Tyler rests when he needs to (he's doing much better just needs to keep up with fluids, rest and shade). We watched 'Walk the Line' (again) in an open restaurant and are waiting for 'Brokeback Mountain' to come out so I can see parts of Leanna (she was a set dresser for the movie -one of my longest girlfriends in Calgary and she's becoming a superstar. Hoping she'll be supporting us when we come back broke and beaten ;)

Onto something a little more disturbing...

We woke what seemed to be the middle of the night last night to a large bang and clattering of dishes. There was a woman screaming in Thai, crying, pleading in Thai. Tyler and I scrambled up, quickly got dressed and ran outside, a few others were gathering as well as she could be heard for miles. In the restaurant in the guesthouse right beside us a woman was sitting out front flailing, crying. Others were crying and trying to comfort or talk to her in Thai. You could smell burning, hair, skin, I don't know. They brought out buckets of ice and water for her as she tried to peal off her remaining charred clothing. I could only grab a blanket and try to cover her nakedness having no idea what else to do for her, her first few layers of flesh were either scorched off in splotches or her clothes were melted into her legs. I didnt see her face. Tyler gave his shoes to one of the other frantic girls to go get things for the hospital for her. It was determined that there was a gas leak/explosion. It was 6am. We assume she had gone into the kitchen to start breakfast.

This place still remains as comforting as the day we came but last night was one of those nightmares that will live for a long time.

After spending 6 nights in Lamai on Koh Samui, it was definately time to move on. At this point we wanted luxury, but knew we couldn't afford the luxury price so we decided that Cable TV and AC weren't necessary but we wanted a pool. We learned that most places on the Thai Islands were a little pricey and you were paying to be close to the beach and the bars. We both had had our fill of beaches and bars and luckily found a place 2 miles off the highway, up a "Mountain" in the Jungle! The Jungle Club was such a great place, we had a cool common area we could watch movies, eat and read and a pool out of some Puff Daddy video! We were impressed with our choice but were a little put off by how expensive the food was.. the road to to Jungle Club was less then spectacular and they knew it was a pain to commute into town.

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